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About Us

There are a group of few Tripuri people of like-minded thinking, who formed a society ten years before. Only to preserve, promote, and propagate the rich cultural heritage of the Tripuri people. Over the years the dedicated members of the society had a noble idea of informing the world, the international community about it. This website is the result of our humble effort to uncover the facts that had been buried by the time, that had been hazed by the mirage of globalization, and the generation of today do not see, cannot view the blurred images of the golden history of Tripura. let the little effort of us be igniting sparkle to lighten the lost glory of Tripura.

So the time has come when we are all forced to realize who we are, exactly, where is our root what are there that have given us the urge to explore our rich cultural heritage. We want to show the world, ourselves as a Tripuri nation in its complete being.

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