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Like many parts of the world the Tripuri has traditional sports. It is common in almost all the clans of Tripuri. It is called 'Thwngmung' in Tripuri. Tripuris are by nature very sporting person. They love to play these game and enjoy their free time by playing various game and sports of their favorite. Now a days these traditional sports are being abandoned gradually and they are attracted to modern games and sports. But some of the sports are even today played and preferred in rural Tripura. Out of many traditional Tripuri games and sports some are listed below:

1. Achugwi Fan Sohlaimung : A type of wrestling. It is played between two young men to test their strength. Two young men sit on the ground facing each other spreading their legs. A thin bamboo or tree is placed between them for staking their legs. The two contenders hold horizontally a peace of bamboo, two and half cubits of length approximately which remain high above the ground between them. When pulling begins each contender tries to it towards his own side. Who could pull the bamboo his side wins the game.

2. Bumanikotor : This is basically a hide and sick game. Played in groups one party hides, other group finds out the hiding party.

3. Dwkhwi Sotonmung : It is basically tug of war. Played between two groups of children.

4. Fan Solaimung : This is a pole wrestling played between two individual. A bamboo pole is taken to play the game. The players stand at a specific distance from each other. A mark is put in the middle. The two end of the bamboo pole is placed under the right armpit and each grasp it firmly by both hands. Both the player tries to cross over the marking between them by pushing back each other.

5. Kaldong or Kadong : A small foot step is tied on two peace of bamboos about two feet above the ground lebel. The player walks on this foot step which make the riding person tall, there is competition like who could run faster and remain on the kaldong longer with out falling from it.

6. Longoi Chokmung : This is a swinging game played by the Tripuri children. Two long ropes or strong creepers is tied in the branch of tree, and a wooden platform is tied in the lower end to make sit. Turn by turn the children swing while other push him/her. They also sing beautiful melodious song while swinging.

7. Mufuk Sagwnang :This game is played to test the strength of a young man. A child clings to the chest of a man chose waist is tied with one end of rope . Another man holding the other end of rope firmly stands back. As the game begins the man with the child on his chest force to move forward child the other who stands back try to draw back his opponent.

8. Musta Seglaio : This game is played between two young individuals. A bamboo is cut within the joint to make it cylindrical one. One person holds it firmly down on the surface, the other one grips just above the grip of first one and then tries to snatch it by rotating it . It is to test of the grip strength of a young man.

9. Solaimmung : Tripuri 'solaimung' literally it means wrestling. This is a free hand wrestling which is common in most of the world is also very popular among Tripuri children. There are rules and regulation playing the sports. Generally one of the senior spectators become the referee.

10. Wah Sotonmung: This game is played between two groups of youths. a bamboo of about one to two meter in length, depending upon the numbers of participants. the groups stands each other face to face. the bamboo is held by all the members of the groups, keeping hand one after another. the groups must have equal numbers of player on either side. once ready, they starts pooling on their side. The group which is able to pool other group to their side by more than one meter of distance is considered as victorious. This game has to be played three or five times. Who so ever could pool for maximum numbers is declared as winner of the game.

11. Matham: This is a water game played by children. Matham is a water animal which sustain on fish. One is decided as matham by tossing, who then has to catches other players who behave like a fish. who so ever is caught or touched by matham, become the matham, and it is his turn to catch others. the fishes player hide in the depth of water like fish and swims as fast as they could. It helps to learn swimming among the Tripuri children.

12. Swkwi Thwngmung: It is played in groups among boys and girls. It is a difficult game. one has to be demonstrated before he or she can play the game. Swkwi is a wild plant seed, of circular shape, of about 2-3 cm diameter. It is hold between the great toe and rest toes, then thrown in a direction, to a specific points where it has to touch particular swkwi.