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Education in its real sense is the pursuit of truth and empowering ourselves to contribute to the society. It is an endless journey through knowledge and enlightenment and learning new skills for better life for all. Such a journey opens up new vistas of development of humanism where there is neither scope nor room for pettiness, disharmony, jealousy, hatred or enmity. It transforms a human being into a wholesome whole, a noble soul and an asset to the universe. Universal brotherhood in its true sense becomes the sheet anchor for such education. Real education enhances the dignity of a human being and increases his or her self-respect. If only the real sense of education could be realized by each individual, and carried forward in every field of human activity the world will be so much a better place to live in."

Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam; Ex.President of India

Dear Friends, We are very thankful to those who helped us to collect the name of the students. They are Miss Jacquline Debbarma, Mr. Kamalendo Debbarma, Miss Rakhi Jamatia, Miss Hamari Jamatia, Mr. Amit Jamatia, Miss Tanushree Debbarma, Miss Mili Jamatia, Miss Jwalanjayee Jamatia, Mr. Hendry Rupini, Mr. Tanmay Debbarma, Mr. Birjit Debbarma, Mr. Deep Debbarma & Mr. Kahamnuk Jamatia. We want to make it more informative along with the photograph of the students. We need tremendous support from all of you to make it successful. Sincere apologies if there is any mistake in this page. Please send the student related information (Name, gender, name of the courses, Name of the college, present status, current & permanent address, E-mail & photograph) in this following address. Your valuable suggestions or advices are always welcome.

MBB college

MBB college